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Frequently Asked Questions


Is your peanut butter smooth or crunchy?
We say it is SMUNCHY. It’s not quite smooth but it’s also not crunchy like your traditional crunchy peanut butter.
How long is each jar good for & how should I store it?
None of our ingredients are perishable and the expiration of our flavors largely depends on the ingredients added in. Generally speaking, we recommend eating them within 1 month of opening or 6 months of purchasing. Each jar has an expiration printed on the bottom of the jar! We recommend storing them at room temp but there's no wrong way to do it! Some consumers pop our products into the fridge for a fudge-like treat!
Why do the oils separate on your products?
It is common to see the oils separate as our bases are created with all natural products.We do not add any extra oils or preservatives to our bases! We recommend giving it a really good stir! Storing your jars upside down will minimize this separation.
Where can I find nutritional information? Are any of your flavors gluten free?
All of our nutritional information can be found on our website under each individual flavor. We offer a number of flavors that do not have any gluten added. However, please note that our products are processed in a facility where egg, milk, soy, wheat, and tree nuts are used in production of other products.
Why are there ingredients such as Palm Oil in your products?
We strive to report all ingredients and nutrition information as accurately as possible. Oftentimes, the add-ins that we use such as chocolate chips, cookie pieces etc have ingredients such as palm oil in them. It is vital to us that we provide a comprehensive list and comply with FDA regulations. The great news is, we do offer flavors such as Health Nut, Honey Roasted, and Toffee that have very few additional ingredients!
Where are all my toppings?!?
Unfortunately, as products shift during transit, it is common to see toppings mix into the product. All toppings are placed on top by hand! Be sure to give your jar a really good stir! With warmer temperatures in the summer months, it is common to see that toppings do tend to melt during transit.
Why are there variations in my jars?
All of our products are made by hand, in small batches, on multiple machines. It is common to see variations in jars across the board. The recipe as a whole is the same but there is no way we can make every single jar the same…. And to be honest, we don’t want to! Having humans making our products & manually grinding every jar is all part of who we are!
Why do some flavors have a lot of toppings and others don't?
We have two types of products, spreads and treats! Spreads are made to mimic the flavor and then garnished with toppings for a visual spice! Treats are made to solely be eaten with a spoon and are packed full of “extras”.


Why are so many products sold out?
Our products are made fresh daily and with fresh, handmade products, it takes a lot of time and availability largely depends on being able to source our ingredients. We strive to provide you a top quality product at a reasonable turnaround time! We will never sacrifice quality and customer satisfaction for greed. Be sure to sign up for restock notifications on our website! Keep in mind, our menu does rotate and we are constantly bringing on new flavors! Visit our social media accounts to learn more!
Where can I place an order?
Right here through our website! We restock every Sunday at 7pm EST.
Do you offer samples?
At this time we do not offer samples however, we do offer 100% customer satisfaction. If you order a flavor and don't like it, we are happy to replace it for you with a flavor of your choice. You just pay S&H!
Can you do pre-orders/waitlists?
We are unable to do anytype of pre-orders or waitlist due to the current demand.
How often do you restock?
Every Sunday at 7pm EST. Our menu is always changing! Be sure to check our social media accounts for the new flavors coming and the restock lineup!
When should I expect my order to ship?
All of our products are made fresh daily. Orders can take up to 10 business days to ship. Once your order goes out, you will receive a shipping notification!
What is the best way to stay the most up to date on order status?
Selecting email communication when checking out will be the best way to ensure you receive any updates on your order. Be sure to check your junk/spam folder for any updates!
Why isn’t my discount code working?
All of our discount codes are one time use codes!


Where do you ship?
We ship to all 50 states as well as US Territories.
Do you ship to Canada?
Yes! We now ship to Canada via FedEx. Duties & taxes are not included in shipping rates.
How long does shipping take?
Once an order ships, it typically lands on your doorstep in 2-5 days depending on the size and location! We now offer standard and expedited shipping! Please keep in mind, carriers across the nation are experiencing delays that are outside of their (& our) control and delays may occur. We are controlling the things we can control which includes getting pallets of products on the way to our warehouse as soon as possible!
My tracking hasn't been updated. What should I do?
All carriers are experiencing unprecedented volumes with limited staff which has unfortunately led to a delay with tracking information. It is common for tracking information to be delayed up to after leaving our facility. We are confident all carriers are doing everything they can to get packages delivered as soon as possible! If your tracking information has not updated in 7 business days, please reach out to us at
Will I receive a shipping confirmation?
Yes! You will receive a shipping confirmation via email once your order has shipped and another when your order is out for delivery!


Help! How do I contact customer service?
Please direct all questions, concerns, and feedback to Our customer excellence team will get back to you within 48 business hours!
Darn it! I forgot to apply my discount code. Now what?
Hold that code tight and save it for a future order! We are unfortunately not able to modify payment information after the fact.
Help! I paid for 1-3 day shipping and I still haven't received my order.
We apologize for this confusion. All of our products are made fresh and can take up to 7-10 business days to ship. Once you order ships, your order will be shipped either expedited or standard depending on what you selected when checking out.
Help! My order says delivered but it’s nowhere to be found!
We are bummed to hear that you are not able to locate your package! With the increased demand and limited employee availability, we have seen that some orders are being marked delivered but don't actually arrive until a day or two later. Be sure to check any “hidden” spots for your package as carriers do their best to keep the porch pirates away! In rural areas, it is common to see orders marked as delivered when they are handed off to USPS for that final leg of delivery! Keep an eye out for it to arrive soon!
Help! I placed an order with the incorrect shipping address.
Not a problem! Email us at with your order number and updated shipping address. We are happy to correct that for you.
Help! I have a confirmation number but didn't receive a confirmation email.
If you have a confirmation number, your order was successful. Oftentimes the order confirmations land in your junk folder! If you need more assistance with this please email us at with your order number.