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Story about us
Born and raised in South Dakota
we knew we wanted to venture off and experience new cities and a new state. We packed our bags after college and headed to Colorado.
Farmers Markets
fresh food stores and endless possibilities were right at our finger tips… until they weren’t.
After deciding to grow our family
and spending 7 amazing years in Colorado, we packed up again and moved back home to be with family. Biggest downfall? Accessibility to some of our favorite foods.
Lucky for us
we were able to find most of what we wanted at local co-ops and farmers markets EXCEPT for FRESH Peanut Butter.
Erika Peterson Co-Founder
So what did we do?
We bought a commercial grinder, posted on personal social media accounts and what started as a 50lb peanut order has now turned into thousands of jars sold across the state and country. We have grown from two classic flavors to four and seasonal flavors in between.
Why is Nerdy Nuts so amazing?
Every jar is fresh, no preservatives and wildly addicting. We strive to bring you fun and unique flavors that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.
From the classic Honey Roasted
That is sweet and salty to our crowd favorite, White Chocolate, you are bound to find a jar that is right for you.
Our small-town values run deep
And your satisfaction is the MOST important to us. Don’t like your jar of Nerdy Nuts? Message us and we will replace it with your favorite peanut butter.
Thanks for Supporting
small and supporting Nerdy Nuts.
Erika Peterson
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