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Honey Roasted


(8 customer reviews)

A sweet and salty blend on the tride and true classic. Fresh roasted- Honey Roasted peanuts create a light and fluffy peanut butter that is sure to win over the basic of lovers and also be approved by the major peanut butter lovers.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 5 in

8 reviews for Honey Roasted

  1. Kiersten Larson (verified owner)

    I bought this peanut butter without ever tasting it in person, on a whim. I saw an ad for it on Facebook and thought I’d give it a try. Well that was about 3ish weeks ago, and my jar is almost gone…. this PB is so delicious. I am planning on buying another one of the honey roasted, white chocolate, and toffee next. I love the fact that i can pronounce and understand what each INGREDIENT is on the back of the jar, it makes me feel good about feeding it to my children. 10/10 recommend this pb.

  2. Tammy Kveene

    Absolutely love this product!

  3. Mary Shervheim-Mathews

    I love all flavors of nerdy nuts peanut butter, they are creamy and delicious. You can eat it with a spoon or on toast. It’s the best peanut butter around.

  4. Jessica Henrichsen

    I will never be able to go back to the gooey overly sweet store brands again. Honey roasted is my absolute favorite flavor. The texture and the real taste of peanuts is heavenly. I’m so glad I bought your product at the farmer’s market. You have one happy customer! The jar never LASTs more than 2 weeks at our house. Friendly service too!

  5. Amanda

    Love having it on my acai bowls! Yum!

  6. Abby Deprey

    Honey toasted is the perfect mix Between creamy and crunchy. Our last Jar was gone before i could even have some Because its my husbands fave!!! The only peanut butter we buy now!!!

  7. Carly H

    Amazing taste! We demolished it in 1 week. we kept Eating is as a ‘snack’ stRaight from the jar because it Is so good!

  8. Connie O. (verified owner)

    Fabulous taste- very creamy and delicious. We bought all the flavors made by Nerdy Nuts and they do not disappoint. We will never buy peanut butter from anyone else. It is a great snack on a spoon. This jar was gone within 5 days- my family and extended family loved it and licked the jar clean.

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