16oz Jar

Smooth milk chocolate peanut butter layered with crunchy marshmallow bits, graham cracker pieces and fluffy marshmallow cream.

It’s the perfect bonfire BFF to simply eat with a spoon and enjoy as a snack

Ingredients: Peanuts, Sugar, Honey, Peanut and/or Canola Oil, Salt, Modified Potato Starch and/or Xanthan Gum, Milk, Chocolate Liquor, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin, Corn Syrup, Water, Dried Egg Whites, Cream of Tartar, Unbleached Flour, Graham Flour, Soybean Oil, Leavening.

Contains: Peanuts, Milk, Wheat, & Soy

SKU: 0719201
S'mores Peanut Butter

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