Ever wondering if we carry ANY back stock of your FAVORITE flavors? Those quick, limited edition flavors that you wish you would have bought more of and you are now kicking yourself you didn't? 

Well, here is your chance to score another jar. 

Every couple of weeks we will throw up Mystery Jars.

These are all our HOTTEST, MOST SOUGHT flavors we carry. They are limited edition flavors that we don't have a enough stock of to do a full restock, but we WANT you to try and get your hands on them. 

They will be grabbed 100% randomly. Placed in your box and shipped off for you to enjoy. 

3/21/21 LINE UP:

-Circus Cookie

-Toasted Coconut


-Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

-Strawberry Cheesecake

-Buttery Fingers

-Fruity Nibbles


**There will be NO returns/exchanges on Mystery Jars. Nerdy Nuts takes zero responsibility for allergens or dietary restrictions. Purchasing this product you understand that this is 100% randomly picked and packed. We cannot guarantee you won't get the same flavor if you purchase more than one.**

SKU: 032220
Mystery Jars

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